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Creating Fake News Channels: A blog where the future of fake news channels is discussed.

Fake news is a global epidemic that is a big problem for businesses and media houses. People can't tell the difference between real news and fake news. Businesses spend millions creating and promoting fake news, even though it is ineffective. A fake news channel is a news channel that reads out news generated by an AI system. But how do we create a fake news channel that is both effective and doesn't read out fake news? This blog will explore the different challenges to creating a fake news channel and the future of fake news channels in the age of fake news.

1. How do we create a channel like Kivotos?

The Kivotos channel is a fake, pop-up TV channel, showcasing the human adventures in a post-apocalyptic future. The channel is a part of a larger project, called Kivotos, which has been created in the context of the Future Tense exhibition at the Reykjavík Art Museum, in 2017. The Kivotos project is a collaboration between the creative team of Magnús Jónsson and Þórir Þórðarson, and the musician Fridrik Karlsson. The team’s creative process was inspired by the fictional television channel featured in the film ‘The Road’.

2. How was the idea of Kivotos born?

The history of Kivotos Channel can be traced back to the early days of the internet when human beings were entertained by watching short clips of cats doing funny things. Kivotos Channel is an attempt to revive the lost art of short-form entertainment and create a more interactive viewing experience, a true blend of TV and online video. The whole experience was designed to work on a smartphone, and it is designed to work on a smartphone. Kivotos Channel is the first TV channel that is not just mobile-friendly, but mobile-only.

3. What motivates us to make Kivotos?

Kivotos is a channel, which is not completely fictional, but it is a fictional TV channel. It is based on a post-apocalyptic future, on a planet which is called Kivotos. Kivotos is a desolate, barren planet, with nothing but sand, rocks, and wind. The planet is filled with jungles, deserts, and swamps. The planet is a dead planet filled with dead plants and animals. The planet is blooming with life, but the animals that live there are predators. The animals have extraordinary senses and they are capable of speech. The flora is strange, but it is also very beautiful.

4. How can you make money with Kivotos?

Kivotos Channel is a fake, pop-up TV channel, showcasing the human adventures in a post-apocalyptic future. We have even made a fake TV guide, which you can download and fill in. We will be streaming this TV channel and other types of content from the Kivotos Universe through the Kivotos app, which you can download from iTunes.

5. How do we protect the content of Kivotos?

Kivotos is an experiential website where we present a fictional TV channel that broadcasts in the year 2044. The content is protected with a simple HTML5 video stream, and the user is protected with simple JavaScript-based stream encryption. There is no plugin required. Is this enough to protect our users from the evil streaming pirates?


Kivotos was created in order to allow, support, and help all people who want to create, produce, and shoot; realize their creative needs, creative ideas, and creative thoughts, even if they are young, beginners, and

students, amateurs, professionals, or semi-professionals. Kivotos wants to provide freedom and support to all those people

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