I like to be intimate and to build bridges from the personal to the political. To create alternative narratives and give visibility to voices that are silenced. I am fascinated by the transformative power of autobiography intermixed with fiction.


I adopt elements of the camp style; artifice, frivolity, pretentiousness and shocking excess.  Born in the threshold of the new century, I integrate my pop-culture addiction in my works. I love to mix art and politics with Britney Spears, Disney, Superheroes, Netflix, memes etc. Referencing my music obsessions, my crashes, my family members, the problem of late stage capitalism takes over from what we perceive as a classical, linear dramaturgy. 


Seeing that theatre over-serves the most privileged people and risks becoming irrelevant to the many, I like to create art and community environments with mainstream references. 

Elias Adam works as a theatre director and dramaturge. Born in 1991 in Greece, he studied Theatre and Law in Athens. He developed and presented theatre pieces in venues in Greece, Cyprus and Germany, working with the National Theatre of Greece, the Stegi - Onassis Foundation, the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus, the Maxim Gorki Theatre, the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr and other theatres and institutions. 


The past two years, as a scholar and alumnus of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Elias developed an activist project titled Smallville, aiming to empower rural places in Greece through public discourses, collective authorship practices and non-fictional or biographical theatre. He has also run several other art community projects, facilitating theatre and authorship workshops. 

In 2019, Elias was invited at the International Forum of Theatertreffen in Berlin. 

What happened so far









wrote and directed We Are in The Army Now for Stegi - Onassis Foundation

created It's Ophelia, bitch!

directed Leonce and Lena, Children of Rage + Love, produced by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus


created Hamlet, a desktop performance for Stegi - Onassis Foundation  


was a collaborator director at Erotic Postcards from Greece, at Stegi - Onassis Foundation


wrote and directed Father Help Us with the support of the Theatrical Organisation of Cyprus, presented at different venues in Cyprus and Greece


directed The End of Eddy by Edouard Louis, at the National Theatre of Greece


was invited and participated at the International Forum of Theatertreffen at the Berliner Festspiele, in Berlin


directed The End of Eddy vol. Athens, at the National Theatre of Greece's festival for young theatre makers

2019                      won the START - Scaling award for his project                                        Smallville


developed and ran the project Smallville, in Greece's


wrote and directed Eyolf Machine, a play based
on Ibsen's Little Eyolf, presented at various venues
and festivals in Cyprus and Greece


developed and staged the project Masculinity in crisis,
at the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr in Germany


worked as a dramaturgy and direction intern for Falk
Richter's show Verräter, at Maxim Gorki Theatre in 



wrote and directed Gamlet, at Apo Michanis Theatre
in Athens

directed Oscar et la Dame Rose, presented in various
venues in Greece and Cyprus

2014                           graduated from the Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun

2014                             graduated from the Law School of Athens