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HAMLET, a Desktop Performance

Hamlet browses his desktop. Shakespeare’s play themes become transparent through the use of media. During an evening screen - mirroring, love, grief, anti-depressants, death, self-destruction are intermixed with associative references to pop internet culture, to animation, to current affairs.

"Given the condition we experience, the thing that particularly troubled me was the unanimous acceptance of the mandatory ‘staying at home’ order. That did not take into consideration those who are not privileged to ‘stay at home’ (women facing domestic gender violence, LGBTiQ people abused in their family, migrants/refugees living in closed camps, working people, those with serious mental health problems etc.). I think that we must raise our voice about these people, either through art or in any other way we have access to public debate. But even after the quarantine is over, I wouldn’t like to see ‘back to normality’ narratives, as that ‘normality’ back then was still a privilege of only a few."

This artwork was created in the context of ENTER project, an initiative of Onassis Foundation. 

Watch the full work (available with EN and GR subtitles) :

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