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It's Ophelia, bitch!

In this short performance, Ophelia, a Gen-Z heroin, browses her desktop. Her grief, rage and despair are interpreted through the lens of the ongoing demo-crisis and social injustice. Internet spurrs - like a virus! - a bottom-up evolution: pop culture, memes, youtube videos, articles, messenger texts reconfigure Ophelia’s political stance. In Hamlet, Ophelia is portrayed as a minor character who lacks the will of her own and seeks refuge in madness and eventually in suicide. This performance follows Ophelia’s struggle to find her own voice and interprets her madness as a means to express her Weltschmerz, her anger and her being without the patriarchal domination. 


It's Ophelia, Bitch was commissioned by Common Lab - Goethe-Institut Excellency Initiative by Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki & ArtBOX in collaboration with TIF-HELEXPO, Freiraum and Institute Hypewerk for Postindustrial Design, in the context of the State of the Arts. 

Watch the performance and a backstage video below. 

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