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Leonce and Lena, Children of Rage + Love

 Büchner’s play is a political fairy-tale. Prince Leonce, Valerio and Princess Lena are bored and depressed. They spend time talking and drinking, but they have nothing to live for. To escape from a forced marriage and destiny, they all flee to Italy and end up in a tavern where they fall in love.


What people won't do out of boredom! They study out of boredom, they pray out of boredom, they fall in love, marry, and multiply out of boredom and finally die out of boredom, and -- and that's the humor in it -- they do everything with the most serious faces, without realizing why and with God knows what intentions. 


The play was funded by Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and was presented in September, 2020 at different outdoor venues in the countryside of Cyprus. 

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