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Masculinity in crisis

Masculinity in crisis (BRUTAL!) was a collaborative project, which dealt with the concept of masculinity, aiming to redefine it. The performance raised burning questions. which were discussed with the audience: how does complying to the social prescriptions regarding our gender socialization affect our authentic identity development? How does following the dominant cultures transform us into social marionettes, totally disorientated from ourselves? And then, what’s the “meta” term of masculinity in a theatrical context? How do power relations and manly strict hierarchy structures apply on stage?

The integration school, the night bars, the football court, the family. The YouTube videos, the porn websites, the double MAN FOOD cheeseburgers. Hollywood, religion, language; brutality dominates everywhere. Young people struggling to find their personal language in a chaotic manly vocabulary. The themes were based on real, post-immigrant stories of masculine cruelty on stage and in real life. 


The project was developed at Ringlokschuppen Ruhr in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany in 2017.

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