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Masculinity in crisis

"Masculinity in Crisis (BRUTAL!)" emerged as a collaborative endeavor aimed at redefining the concept of masculinity amidst contemporary societal pressures. The performance ignited poignant discussions, probing the audience to confront fundamental questions about the intersection of social norms and authentic identity development.


Central to the dialogue were inquiries into the impact of conforming to gender expectations on individual self-discovery. The performance delved into the disorienting effects of societal pressures, prompting reflection on the disconnection from one's true self imposed by dominant cultural constructs.


In a theatrical context, the project scrutinized the meta-narrative of masculinity, exploring how power dynamics and hierarchical structures manifest on stage. Drawing inspiration from diverse realms including integration schools, night bars, and family dynamics, the production laid bare the pervasive influence of cultural artifacts—from YouTube videos to Hollywood portrayals—on shaping masculine ideals.


Against a backdrop of real post-immigrant experiences, the performance confronted the harsh realities of masculine cruelty, both onstage and in everyday life. Rooted in the lived experiences of its creators and participants, "Masculinity in Crisis (BRUTAL!)" offered a nuanced exploration of masculinity's complexities and contradictions.


The project was developed at Ringlokschuppen Ruhr in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany in 2017.

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