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Kivotos Channel

Kivotos Channel, directed by Elias Adam, is a fake, pop-up TV channel, showcasing the human adventures in a post-apocalyptic future.

It is the very first day of a post-pandemic era, when a community of creatures reaches the backstage of a TV Channel. Although they survived the catastrophe, they do not feel insecure. In fact, they seem ready and steady to perform, glowing their feminine selves. The world in which they have just landed is altered, it is covid-free, full of golden feathers and cosmic dust! Welcome to Kivotos Channel! A safe space for vulnerable bodies, femininities, relational politics and radical imagination for the day after. How can we possibly reclaim social inclusion adopting funny and unexpected survival strategies in a new unthinkable world? Opting for communal tactics as raw material, Kivotos Channel crew aims to rethink community and conviviality in the context of an extravagant non-stop TV program.

Wild female wrestlers, “hot” personalities, queer creatures, cyborgs, panelists and non-binary subjectivities enact their hybrid identities creating an unexpected life on-air. Kivotos Channel—composed of self-contained episodes of daily absurdity—presents: the intimate Sauna Confessions; the extravagant female wrestling camp advert; a TV quiz show called Tilekivotos; a show for alternative parenting; Breaking News of the new world; and further extravagant episodes of love and fame. Affection and hate, daddy issues and revenge, and mystery and hotness are the raw materials of the bittersweet, endless and healingly confessional mood of the Kivotos Channel shows.

Kivotos Channel is produced by Onassis Stegi within the framework of the project Moving Borders which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.


The project was collectively created through a 2-month intensive lab. The curatorial team and the creative community jointly developed the content and the aesthetics, in such a way that the content is intellectual co-creation of all participants.

Watch the performance at the following link:

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