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Father Help Us

Father help us is an autobiographical work on the passing of Elias’ father. It includes and voices the most provocative, disrupted thoughts on how to deal with such an event. The play goes beyond a mere tribute to a performative freeing of intrinsic emotional restrictions. Beyond the script, which is infused with tragic humour and trivialised behaviours, the performers manifest the tragic comedy of life that can only be faced by the end of one. Bearing and baring everything on stage, the performers dance the song of the dead and of Mariah Carey and give monologues to put a final word, in a life that will be missed. Falling, spinning, elevating and shaking to the core, the foundations of spectatorship and critical distance, the audience is submerged within the depths of a mourning, lost and celebrated in forgetfulness and vulnerability. 


Because now, we see through the airbnbs, the mosquitos in the air, the green heels, dicks and cameras, that All I want for Christmas can be turned to a tragic hymn portraying cellophane emotions. Emotions that no one can help you with. Not even your father.


The production was supported by the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus (THOC).

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