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Father Help Us

Father help us is an autobiographical exploration centered on Elias' journey through the passing of his father. It transcends mere homage, delving into the raw and disruptive emotions that accompany such a profound loss. The play unearths provocative thoughts on coping mechanisms, presenting a performative release from emotional constraints.


Beyond its scripted narrative, infused with tragic humor and trivialized behaviors, the performance embodies life's tragicomedy, particularly when confronted with mortality. The performers courageously lay bare their innermost struggles, dancing between the realms of grief and absurdity. Through poignant monologues and rhythmic movements echoing both the lament for the departed and the spirit of Mariah Carey, they confront the inevitable with unflinching honesty.


In a whirlwind of falling, spinning, and elevating motions, the production dismantles the boundaries between audience and performer, inviting spectators to immerse themselves fully in the complexities of mourning. "Father Help Us" celebrates life in its fragility and resilience, inviting reflection on the beauty found amidst loss and vulnerability.


Because now, we see through the airbnbs, the mosquitos in the air, the green heels, dicks and cameras, that All I want for Christmas can be turned to a tragic hymn portraying cellophane emotions. Emotions that no one can help you with. Not even your father.


The production was supported by the Theatre Organisation of Cyprus (THOC).

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