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"Sadboi" emerges as an autofictional portrayal of a dancer navigating the tumultuous terrain of contemporary existence.


With raw honesty, Sadboi's narrative unfolds, encapsulating the complexities of heartbreak, desire, and the relentless pursuit of validation in the digital age. Collaborating with Panos Malactos, Elias Adam delves into the concept of radical stage vulnerability, inviting audiences into Sadboi's world of raw emotion and unfiltered expression.


Through a fusion of intense physicality and virtual realms, the production immerses spectators in the dizzying landscape of social media, memes, and dating apps. Sadboi's journey epitomizes the paradoxes of modern existence, where love and longing intersect with the allure of technology and instant gratification.


As Sadboi navigates his way through the intricacies of love and loss, the performance challenges conventional notions of storytelling, inviting audiences to contemplate the nature of human connection and the quest for authenticity in a hyperconnected world.

Sadboi premiered in the Platform of New Choreographers in Limassol, Cyprus in December 2021. 

Since then it has been presented in:

Dance House Lemesos, Cyprus, March 2022

M54,  Greece, May 2022

FIN Fringe Festival, Finland,  May 2022

Reykjavik Fringe Festival,  Iceland, June 2022

Istanbul Fringe Festival, Turkey,  September 2022

HOMOGRAFÍA/HOMOGRAPHY Festival, Belgium, October 2022

F.O.L.A. Festival, New Zeland, February 2023

Teszt Festival,  Romania,  May 2023

Nicosia International Festival, Cyprus, June 2023

Teatro Victoria, Spain, September 2023

Trente Trente Festival, France, January 2024

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