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Gamlet is a personal and queer performative study on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


The play makes a surrealist, post-dramatic attempt to conjoin (in a disjunct way) the classical text with the turbulent inner world of the director. Autobiography, self-referential and intertextual elements were intermixed with Hamlet’s plot aiming to illuminate the melancholic, “Weltschmerz” feeling of a contemporary human being. 


Gamlet drew from pop-culture references, from the self-destructive tendencies of today’s popular idols, from Britney Spears (and her genealogical connection with William Shake-spear), to Disney and Lion King, and from a Russian guy who entered a bar in 2009, got naked and persistently asked the waitress to kill him to Superman.


The play was overall well-received and sparked intense speculation amongst theatre critics and regular theatre-goers, who rejoiced (and angered) at the fact that they couldn’t quite pin down what the meaning of the play was. 

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