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Sex And How We'll Build It Together 

Sex and how we’ll build it together is Elias Adam's first short movie and will be released in 2022.. The auto fictional film expresses Elias' love and respect for his mother.

writer, director, producer: Elias Adam 

costumes and collaborator director: Orestis 

original music: Gary Salomon

“Bobby Peru” written by Mary and the Boy, arranged, recorded and produced by Gary Salomon, performed by Nota Bika and Gary Salomon

dop: Zoe Manta 

camera assistants: Katerina Pataka,  Nikos Sakelariou 

edit: Stamos Dimitropoulos  

sound mix: Gary Salomon

executive producer: Menelas 

production assistant: Sofia Panopoulou


Nota: Mother  

Gary Salomon: Mark Z. 

Eva Koliapantou: Young mother Sailor 

Styliana Ioannou: Sailor’s girlfriend 

Markela Ksilogiannopoulou: Girl with blood 

Kostantis Varvatsoulis: Boy with blood 

Tanya Varveri - termagay: Little sister 

Thanos P.: Bro 

Panos Malactos: Insta gay 

Jeo Pakitsas: Model 

Menelas: Daddy 

Stefanos Chandelis: God

More soon tba.

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